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Tree Planting Services

Bartram Woodlands Ltd. offers high quality, full service tree planting, of seedlings and caliper stock. Our focus is on establishing healthy future forests by choosing the “right tree for the site” and sourcing locally-adapted native tree stock.

We offer machine and hand planting of seedlings, tending services and weed control. Projects include: block plantations, post-harvest plantation under- plantings, windbreaks and restoration projects

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K. Root 2017

50 Million Tree Program (50MTP)

Take advantage of Ontario's generous funding program to help you establish diverse native-species forests in open lands on your property. Bartram Woodlands Ltd. is an authorized "50MTP" Program Delivery Agent (PDA). Subsidy of $1.41/tree. 

Windbreaks and "Living Snow Fences"

Well-planned windbreaks reduce soil erosion and snow drifts, shelter crops, increase pollination and wildlife habitat and provide privacy. We can help you design and plant the right windbreak for your property.

Restoration Projects

Bartram Woodlands Ltd. provides complete restoration services to forested areas damaged by Emerald Ash Borer, tree cutting bylaw infractions, invasive species mitigation, land development activity or natural disturbances. Includes works in large and small urban parks, rural natural and conservation areas as well as privately owned woodlots. 

Services include: vegetation management and removal, site preparation, planting of native nursery stock of all sizes, mulching, watering and follow up tending.

Contact us for more information about our planting services, or to book a site visit.

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