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Invasive Species Control


Bartram Woodlands Ltd. offers expertise in invasive species control. We use an integrated pest management (IPM) approach: careful site assessments, low-volume herbicide applications, mechanical tending and follow-up tending. This is often paired with restoration planting of native species. A multi-stage IPM plan allows for effective long-term control.

We also provide vegetation control associated with establishing tree plantations: mowing, ATV broadcast herbicide applications and backpack spot spraying. Our staff are Provincially Licensed Herbicide Applicators.

Contact us for more information or to arrange for a site visit and detailed IPM Proposal.

Contact us for more information or to arrange for a site visit and detailed IPM Proposal.

What are Invasive Plants?

Invasive species are introduced species which reproduce so aggressively, that they displace the native ecosystems and lead to a loss of biodiversity, loss of habitat and often significant economic loss. Invasive species have become a serious problem in Ontario. Many invasive plant species choke out seedlings in young plantations or prevent under-story development and reduce overall biodiversity.

Some of the most common species that are prevalent in Southern Ontario are:

- Buckthorn 

- Dog-strangling vine 

- Garlic mustard

- Japanese knotweed 

- Euonymus (commonly known as Burning bush) and;

- Non-native honeysuckle

For more information on invasive species, visit the Credit Valley Conservation Invasive Guide and Ontario's Invading Species Awareness Program for a comprehensive guide.

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