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Tree cutting
Bartram Woodlands treeplant crew

History: Since 1991 in Guelph, ON

David Bartram began operating as Bartram Reforestation in 1991 with a commitment to supplying expert tree planting services throughout Ontario. Since this time, the goal has been to give each seedling planted the best chance possible to grow into a healthy tree. By 1996, attendance at the Ontario Certified Tree Marker Training Program led to a winter-time horse logging operation, supplying low-impact, single-tree-selection timber harvests on private woodlands. As “global change” accelerated into the turn of the century, an Invasive Species program was developed to help control Common Buckthorn, Dog Strangling Vine and Phragmites.


Operating now as Bartram Woodlands Ltd., the company incorporated in 2016, and combines a range of operational and technical forestry services to address rapid ecological change within urban and rural forests. Our primary commitment remains to provide environmentally sustainable, cost-effective and long-term forestry solutions which are supported by over 27 years of practical operational experience.

Current Operations

Health and Safety Program

Bartram Woodlands Ltd. is very committed to providing comprehensive Health and Safety Awareness training to all employees. This includes ongoing review and update of all safety training, daily safety meetings in the field and the participation of all staff to minimize hazards on our worksites. All staff including our supervisors, are gradually introduced and trained in new skills and we take particular care with young seasonal workers. 

We are also in compliance with WSIB and Ministry of Labour standards and take every precaution to provide yearly training to our seasonal workers, and ongoing training for our full time employees.

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